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Sakay & Co was created for people who want more than just a motorcycle tour.  We offer a different way to visit the Philippines, exploring the islands and its breathtaking sites on custom motorcycles in different styles.

Traveling around the Philippines can sometimes be tricky.  Buses, vans, jeepneys and flights… What can be tedious and tiring, with Sakay & Co, becomes an unforgettable ride.

Combine your experience with world class scuba diving, surfing, white water rafting, hiking… You can join a pre-designed itinerary or tell us what you’d like to do and see and we can design one tailored just for you* (minimum amount of motorcycles will vary depending on the tailored itinerary).  We have a chase car and if you need a guide, we can provide one too.

Shoot us an email any time if you have any enquiries.

Chase Car

Chase Car

During your ride with Sakay & Co, you just need to worry about enjoying the ride.  We assume that if you are traveling to the Philippines, you can’t be limiting your luggage to what you can carry on a custom motorcycle without ugly looking luggage racks or maybe you want to bring your diving gear or your surf board.  We use a chase truck on our rides where we carry a first aid kit, tools, luggage and anything we may need for the trip.

We pick up your luggage at the departure point, we tell you which road will the chase car be taking and we deliver your luggage at the destination.

If for any reason you or/and your pillion feel like you could do with a rest, you can join us in the truck for any part of the itinerary. There is space for another 2 passengers!



Sakay & Co has a fleet of custom motorcycles available for rent to tour the Philippines.  Whether you like brat style, cafe racer, scrambler, tracker or bobber motorcycles… we have one to fit your style.

We have partnered up with Wild Customs Philippines to ensure the quality and uniqueness of our motorcycles and we have had the privilege of spending some good times in this workshop in Las Piñas (Metro Manila) building with the man behind this very special place, Alfredo Aranda.

For this reason, when you ride a Sakay & Co motorcycle, you know you ride a truly unique one-of-a-kind reliable motorcycle.

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