Marinduque, is an island located between Tayabas Bay and Sibuyan Sea.  It is part of the Mimaropa Region, (aka Suthwestern Tagalog Region and previously designated as Region IV-B) and is also part of the Luzon island group.  If there is anything that makes Mimaropa known, that would be that it is the home of the Moriones Festival, which takes place every Holy Week, and that together with Batanes, it has the lowest crime in the country.

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Philippines Weather : When and where to go

You have decided to travel to the Philippines, but now you are wondering, what's the best time to visit.  Weather may be an issue, and if you have been reading about rainy and dry seasons from other travellers, you are probably worried that you can...

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Batangas Port roro (ferry) price and schedules

If you are traveling by road and intend to ride between islands, you will need to board a roro (ferry). Most islands (especially the larger ones) have one or more ports from which one can load a vehicle and explore different islands.  Read this post to find out about...

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How to Travel the Philippines

If you are planning to travel the Philippines, especially if it is for the first time, you may have a number of questions and chances are you are trying to answer as many of them as possible by looking for them online, through blogs and different social media channels...

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