We rode Marilaque. Finally. This road has been in our list for quite some time now. Its name comes from Marikina – Rizal – Laguna – Quezon, and it is a popular road, among riders in the Metro Manila area and surroundings, for its twisties and its proximity to the Pinoy capital, which makes it ideal for a day trip or a weekend getaway to the beaches in Quezon province.

We were told to avoid it during the weekends to enjoy a less overcrowded ride, so we set off on a Thursday. Traffic was heavy, as usual, at first, but once we rode past Antipolo (It took us around 2 hours), we understood what all the hype was all about.

The next 80kms or so was a beautiful stretch of road full of turns twisting through the mountains with very dramatic views and a beautiful light cast by the foggy weather that accompanied us for most of the ride.

We were alone most of the time (except for the stretch between Metro Manila and Antipolo) and the roads were generally in fairly good condition.

We were told that the ride to Infanta shouldn’t take more than 3 or 4 hours each way, but as usual, we came across a number of unfortunate events that slowed us down, making our trip a 9 hour long ride.

1. We were riding in the company of our chase car mainly to carry photo/video gear. This made our going through the city traffic a lot longer than it would have had we not waited.

2. Shortly after the Sta Maria Laguna Arc, we encountered what was left of a bridge which was washed away by heavy rains. There was a way for the bikes to go over the river, but it was not suitable for cars or heavier vehicles. So we saw this as an excuse to ride through a different route, down to Santa Maria, Nunguma, Famy and back up to Real before arriving in Infanta. Do note when traveling around the Philippines by road, that these small roads that appear in white colour in google maps, are not usually paved for the most part.

The ride made for an interesting adventure, we got rained on on our way to Santa Maria buy not too much. The detour did take us much longer than we expected, but we did learn that the alternate route between Famy and Infanta is also something worth considering.

What about Infanta, Real and the beaches along this stretch of coast in the Quezon Province?

Keep an eye on this space and find out what is it we did with our time there!

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