The Mayoyao rice terraces are situated a (roughly) 2 hour ride to the east of Banaue.  They are probably the least visited of the 5 rice terraces in the Unesco World Heritage list, and when one visits the town, the reasons for this, become more than apparent.

The rice terraces in Mayoyao are perhaps some of the most spectacular, however, the lack of food and lodging options in the town, and the fact that they are a little out of the way for most visitors, make them an “off the beaten path” attraction that should definitely not be.

The rice terraces are, like in Batad, carved into the sides of the mountains surrounding the village (of a much more uniform construction than Batad), occupying a vast area.  There is a view point from which one can look in every direction to appreciate the view the view of the terraces, away from everything and everyone and surrounded by different shades of green and earthy brown (depending on the time of the year).  The view is naturally framed by the massive mountains of the Cordillera that add to the spectacle.

If you are in Banaue, this should definitely be on your list and can be done in a day trip.  On the way, you will be able to see the Bangaan rice terraces, the snake river and the also beautiful rice terraces in Ducligan.  If time is not an issue, there is a hiking trail which will take a couple of days and can start in Banaue and end in Mayoyao (or viceversa) passing by Pula and Mt. Amuyao or Cambulo, a great way to see other rice terraces, hidden in the Ifugao mountains.

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