We could not be more excited about introducing you to this beautiful country.  At Sakay & Co we want to bring your trip to the Philippines to the next level by offering you the opportunity to visit many of its amazing destinations on a custom motorcycle.

Whether you want to rent and ride a brat, a cafe racer, a tracker or a bobber, we are constantly growing our fleet to fit your style. Our bikes are designed with the objective of making your trip to the Philippines an unforgettable one.

World class scuba diving, surfing, hiking or admiring some of the historical sights that populate the Philippines are some of the many activities in which one can take part while here.  However, it is common for travelers visiting the Philippines to struggle trying to plan the trip in a way you get to see and do as much as possible.  Domestic flights, long bus, van and jeepney rides, can make getting from one place to another quite an unpleasant experience.  For this reason, at Sakay & Co, we carefully design itineraries to bring you to a diverse selection of places without the need to book multiple flights and with the freedom and independence that traveling on a motorcycle gives you.  Not to mention how getting from “A” to “B” becomes a very enjoyable experience.

We have a support truck with enough space for your luggage and for passengers, in case you ever want it or need it.  Our Itineraries are flexible and we offer plans for as long as you desire to ride.  Whether you want a day trip or a one month ride across the islands, do contact us and let us know what is it that you would like to see and do, and how much time you have to travel.  We will take care of the rest.

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