Moto Builds Pilipinas 2017

It’s that time of the year… The 3rd edition of Moto Builds Pilipinas just took place and Sakay & Co was there to see what the biggest custom bike show in the country was all about.

The 3rd edition of this young show was hosted this time round in M.O.A.’s SMX Convention center and was included as a part of the 25th edition of Trans Sport Show.

We were anxious to see what the different Pinoy builders had in store and having been in numerous shows around the world, we wanted to see it for ourselves.  Also, we took this opportunity to present Alir, Beltza and La Pirata to the local custom bike building community.

What we loved:

The people.  In the Philippines it’s always the people.  The atmosphere was fantastic.  The event offered a platform for big and not so big builders to show their work, hang out, and meet riders, enthusiasts and backyard builders who in [almost] anonymity brought to the main stage some amazing world class builds.  Not to mention we made some very good new friends who we look forward to ride with soon and why not share some BBQ liempo with.

It was also very exciting to see some rare classics and the presence of one of BCR Designs machines on display (one of the many perks of being in the Philippines).

We mentioned we took 3 of our own to be displayed and we didn’t do too bad!  Both Beltza and La Pirata rolled into the venue almost directly from Batangas port as they returned, dirty and well ridden, from an amazing 10 day ride through Mindoro and Panay Islands.  We were up against some amazing bikes in 2 categories (Café Racer 201cc Up and Brat Tracker 201cc Up) and took the 3rd place in the latter with La Pirata.

What we missed:

It is a bike show guys, it would have been amazing to see some of the bikes parade onto the stage, listen to the engines and smell the petrol (without being told off for doing so). Booths were limited, crammed and cornered, which did not seem ideal for an event of its type.

Lastly, as part of the show, there was a build-off for which 5 builders were picked to build a bike starting with a Yamaha SZ150 and turn it into a chopper (picked out of a hat with Chopper, Bobber OR Cafe Racer options in it) in a month.  Unfortunately, not every builder complied, and even though all 5 builds were a great show of skills, a chopper is a chopper…

In any case, we would like to thank the organisers for putting up such a great event and congratulate the winners and all the people who participated and didn’t take a trophy home for making the show what it is today.  We will definitely return next year!

Bop ‘n Roll 4

We took our beloved Beltza to 2017’s edition of Bop ‘n Roll!  This was the 4th edition of an event organised yearly by 76 Kustoms down in Angeles, Pampanga.  We were happy to see a well organised event designed to bring everyone involved in Kustom Kulture together in a very friendly, non competitive environment… Ok, there was a great food challenge, but even the last one to finish is a winner here!  What did we see??? you may be asking… We saw a beautiful collection of custom cars and bikes, classics and not so classics (beautiful nonetheless) and even had the chance to see BCR Designs‘ (Benjie’s Cafe Racer) Velocita D’Epoca in the flesh!

There is no bike show here, no awards and absolutely no pretension.  What we found were good vibes, great looking machines, loads of talent and the best excuse to head north for a short ride out of Metro Manila and hang out with friends.

Wild Customs Philippines

We have partnered up with Wild Customs Philippines to build our fleet of motorcycles.  The man behind Wild Customs is none other than Alfredo Aranda, whose extensive experience as a welder and fabricator has seen him build some of the best custom motorcycles in the Philippines.

Alfredo started building low rider bicycles for an international client base and after his great success, he took the leap into the world of motorized 2 wheels.  Today he is one of the most sought after bike builders in the country, being one of the few that can brag about being able to build a complete custom bike in-house.  Gas tanks, frames, swing-arms, handlebars, exhaust pipes… if it belongs on a bike, Wild Customs Philippines can make it.

If you want to visit Wild Customs during your stay in Manila, let us know and we will arrange a very special tour!

Welcome to the Philippines!

We could not be more excited about introducing you to this beautiful country.  At Sakay & Co we want to bring your trip to the Philippines to the next level by offering you the opportunity to visit many of its amazing destinations on a custom motorcycle.

Whether you want to rent and ride a brat, a cafe racer, a tracker or a bobber, we are constantly growing our fleet to fit your style. Our bikes are designed with the objective of making your trip to the Philippines an unforgettable one.

World class scuba diving, surfing, hiking or admiring some of the historical sights that populate the Philippines are some of the many activities in which one can take part while here.  However, it is common for travelers visiting the Philippines to struggle trying to plan the trip in a way you get to see and do as much as possible.  Domestic flights, long bus, van and jeepney rides, can make getting from one place to another quite an unpleasant experience.  For this reason, at Sakay & Co, we carefully design itineraries to bring you to a diverse selection of places without the need to book multiple flights and with the freedom and independence that traveling on a motorcycle gives you.  Not to mention how getting from “A” to “B” becomes a very enjoyable experience.

We have a support truck with enough space for your luggage and for passengers, in case you ever want it or need it.  Our Itineraries are flexible and we offer plans for as long as you desire to ride.  Whether you want a day trip or a one month ride across the islands, do contact us and let us know what is it that you would like to see and do, and how much time you have to travel.  We will take care of the rest.

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