Wild Customs’ Silver 200

If there is one reason we chose to partner up with Wild Customs Philippines to build our fleet, that was for the talent and the skills that allow Alfredo Aranda to build, from the ground up, a custom motorcycle.  In this little workshop with very limited resources, the lightly used term “built, not bought” is taken very seriously.

Wild Custom’s Silver 200 is probably one of the best examples of what happens when Wild gets wild with his mallets and welding machines.  Did we mention all of this was done in just about a month?

This Honda XR200 was brought in by Roger from Navatek, the guy behind the seats on Wild Customs and Sakay & Co’s motorcycles.  The idea was to create something to shake the world of 2017’s Moto Builds Pilipinas (The Philippines’ largest custom bike show) a little and they decided to go with a design inspired by a very nice TPJ Custom’s Harley Davidson build.

The frame was built in-house along with the fenders (which house the electrical system), fairing, exhaust system, swing-arm, handlebar, gas tank…

This is one of those builds that one can stare at for hours, whether it’s your style or not, it clearly has a very high level of craftsmanship.  It was not a surprise to see it earn the 1st prize in the freestyle category in Moto Builds Pilipinas. Congratulations guys!!! Keep them coming!!!

Wild Customs Philippines

We have partnered up with Wild Customs Philippines to build our fleet of motorcycles.  The man behind Wild Customs is none other than Alfredo Aranda, whose extensive experience as a welder and fabricator has seen him build some of the best custom motorcycles in the Philippines.

Alfredo started building low rider bicycles for an international client base and after his great success, he took the leap into the world of motorized 2 wheels.  Today he is one of the most sought after bike builders in the country, being one of the few that can brag about being able to build a complete custom bike in-house.  Gas tanks, frames, swing-arms, handlebars, exhaust pipes… if it belongs on a bike, Wild Customs Philippines can make it.

If you want to visit Wild Customs during your stay in Manila, let us know and we will arrange a very special tour!

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