The Philippines welcomes more and more tourists every day. Popular destinations such as El Nido (Palawan), Boracay and Siargao, being praised by the international media, has helped increase the influx of visitors arriving every year. If you are planning your first visit to this beautiful country, you may want to take note of the following.
  • Whats the best way to… ?
If you live in a developed country, chances are you are spoilt for choices in almost every aspect of your life, even if you are not aware of it. At times, we are asked: “Whats the best way to get from (for example) Camiguin to El Nido?’
while asking whats the best way to get from point A to B in a developed country may yield a number of options, in the Philippines, it is very likely that you may get the option of traveling by air (the short way), or by land/sea (the long way). If you are hitting a popular tourist destination from Manila or Cebu, you will have no problem flying direct. If you are going from, lets say, Bohol to Boracay, then you will most likely have a layover in either Cebu or Manila.
  • Whats the best airline?
Similarly, many times we are asked, whats the best airline to fly from point A to point B?
The philippines has many destinations you can fly to, but more often than not, you will not have the best connections.  While most visitors do travel around the same places, if you want to head over to Siargao from El Nido, you will most likely have to fly to Manila or Cebu first. Also, dont expect to find many airline options. Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Sky Jet and Air Juan are the airlines you will find in the Philippines. They are all very similar in terms of service standards and fleets used to service domestic flights. It usually comes down to “whats your budget”.  We have another article with a more detailed description of the main differences of these airlines here.
  • Apo
Yes, this is not a question, but it is at times the cause for missunderstanding or opportunities lost.  Occasionally, we are asked about Apo, and when this happens, we need to answer with another question: Apo what?
yes, we know you are most likely talking about Apo Island. But if you are asking local residents to point you in the right direction to Apo, know that there are a number of options:
Apo Island – Off the coast of Dumaguete, although you can get to it from Siquijor. Great for Diving with Turtles
Apo Reef – Between Coron and Mindoro, usually accessible from Sablayan (Occidental Mindoro)
Mount Apo – Highest mountain (it is a volcano) in the Philippines, located in the island of Mindanao
Apo Whang-Od – Kalinga tattoo artist from the village of Buscalan
By the way, we watched Lost Leblanc’s video on his top 10 places to visit in the Philippines… Apo island does NOT mean Turtle island…
unfortunately for some, luckily for others, it is hard to find good, up-to-date, reliable information for those less crowded but still beautiful destinations scattered across the more than 7000 islands.

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